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tools Since 1984, Medford Medical Systems has been providing the medical community with medical billing and office management software, computer system solutions, billing and A/R management consultation. Formerly having only family members employed, the company was known as Thomas S. Medford & Associates (TSMA). Over the years many experienced healthcare and IT professionals have been added to the team. In 1995 Stephen Medford became the president of TSMA and moved the company forth as Medford Medical Systems. Through the success of Stephen's efforts, Medical Billing Assistant (MBA) was designed. In 1999, MBA became the flagship product of Medford Medical Systems. Between 1999 and 2003, MMS experienced an average client growth of 20% per year. This growth was mainly through recommendations of satisfied clients and without any direct marketing efforts. Today, MBA continues to be the primary product of choice for many providers. This comes as no surprise since MMS continues to provide a cost efficient product, support with a "local feel", and continual development based on our user's needs. Through continued dedication to provide the best software package value for medical offices, Medical Billing Assistant stands out against similar software packages on the market.

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