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The Patient entry section of Medical Billing Assistant makes demographic data entry easy and uncomplicated. All demographic information required for patient entry is listed in this section of the program. With easy flow tabs and quick key entry, MBA creates a effortless environment for gathering patient information. The patient module also provides additional features for enhanced data tracking and simplified billing. You can link family members to an individual account. Create a single patient statement for an entire family and eliminate family account confusion. Also, patients change insurances or can maintain several active insurance policies at any given time. MBA gives your office the ability to easily manage several insurance plans and maintain terminated insurance plans for historical purposes. Call us for a demo and put MBA to work for you today!

Patient Information Screen

  • Patient search by any portion of last name, first name, and/or middle name, patient account number, social security number, telephone number, chart number, or birth date
  • Program auto completes several fields allow for quicker data entry
  • Link family patients together to form family accounts. These accounts can then be more easily managed through group statements. Gives the user the ability to apply one payment to charges on any patient's account linked to the family
  • The Patient Alert feature quickly notifies users of any important information pertaining to a patient's account every time the patients info is accessed throughout the syste

Patient Information Screen

  • The Patient Insurance Information form keeps track of the insurance plan, I.D. number, group number, responsible party, effective and termination dates.
  • Another great feature on the Patient Insurance Form is the co-payment information field. This is where insurance co-payment information is entered so it can be tracked throughout the system. This information appears on the charge slip and in appt. scheduling.
  • With the innovative responsible party feature, the user can define different parties responsible for different portions of a patient's bill. Thus, a patient only needs to be entered once regardless of the situation, whether it be workmen's compensation, Medicare, private insurance coverage, auto accident, or elective procedure.
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